What Are Activation Tickets?

Activation Tickets are codes that you purchase for each of your staff that they may use to activate any of the Online courses, instead of purchasing it themselves. This is an effective method for tracking and distributing the program to your employees.

How Do I Use Them?

Once your purchase is approved, your tickets are available online immediately for distribution to your staff members. This page allows you to purchase and manage your tickets.

Below is a list of the types of activation tickets with a total amount purchased and remaining listed.

Click on the "Buy" button to purchase Activation tickets through the shopping cart. Payment methods include cheque or money order (Visa and Mastercard coming soon). If you purchase with cheque or money order, you will not be able to distribute tickets until payment is received by CAPPA.

Click on the "View" button to view the details of each of the tickets including which have been issued or activated. The view page will also allow you to issue the tickets to users.

How Long Are Tickets Available For?

Currently, there is no expiry date on Activation Tickets.

IMPORTANT! Once a ticket has been assigned and activated by a recipient, no refunds will be issued.

Level-5 Certification Course
Tickets: 0
Activated: 0
Issued: 0

Oil-and-Gas Primer Course
Tickets: 0
Activated: 0
Issued: 0

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